The Alison De Silva Red Tie Affair

The Alison De Silva Red Tie Affair is a biennial charity gala in honour of the late Alison De Silva and in support of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). The purpose of this event is to raise funds for research and care for children with intestinal failures.

All proceeds from our galas go directly to The GIFT program. The Group for the Improvement of Intestinal Function and Treatment (GIFT) was co-ordinated by Dr. Paul Wales, a neonatal and paediatric surgeon. The only program of its kind in Canada, GIFT’s mandate is to improve the clinical care of patients with intestinal failure and create new knowledge through clinical and basic science research. It was Alison’s hope to raise money for this program, a program from which she herself benefited.

SickKids is one of the largest paediatric academic health science centres in the world with an international reputation for excellence in healthcare, research and education. By supporting The Alison De Silva Red Tie Affair, you will be:

  • Supporting the GIFT program, the only program of its kind in Canada
  • Aligning yourself with one of the top paediatric centres and children’s charities in the world
  • Playing an integral role in improving patient care and fighting disease in Canada

On behalf of the children and families who are served by SickKids, we thank you in advance for your generous support. If you require any further information or have any questions, please contact:

Rolina De Silva
Chair, The Alison De Silva Red Tie Affair Committee
(416) 283-5264

2016 Support Letter - Rolina De Silva

Why Sick Kids

  1. Currently, 100 children have been assessed and treated by the GIFT program since it began in November 2002.
  2. GIFT is the only formal program for management of Intestinal Failure in Canada.
  3. In the first three years of the GIFT program (2003-2005), the rate of death from liver failure has been cut in half from 22% to 11%.
  4. Since January 2006, there have been no deaths from liver failure in patients with intestinal failure.